Gillet Productions


Jason Gillet, founder of Gillet Productions, LLC. is a Sound Recordist, Video Engineer and Systems Integrator.


Gillet Productions grew out of the need for clients to have top notch customized edit suites. What makes Jason unique is his constant collaboration with clients from start to finish, which ensures that their system is completely customized.

Sound Recordist:

As a Sound Recordist Jason comes fully equipped with a standard sound package for ENG style shooting. He has worked with a number of DP’s on Documentary, Corporate, Broadcast and Reality shoots.


Jason is a highly experienced Production Engineer, HD consultant and Utility. He has worked in most formats, file or tape based. Jason is knowledgeable about the latest formats and can consult with you regarding your technical workflow from pre-production to post production.


Contact: Jason Gillet - 718-541-1124 -

For an current project list please see visit my Linkedin profile